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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 4, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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what we know about a man suspected of abducting a seven-year-old girl at gunpoint from her frondyard. >> the deadline ispproaching for a girl declared to be brain dead to move to a new facility. what the family told us about their progress. >> the frozen tundra of lambeau field will live up to its anyway. how cold he niners will be in green bay tomorrow. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, i'm ama daetz. a man is in custody suspected of abducting a seven-year-old girl from outside her antioch home last night. police have not yet determined at charges david douglas will
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feys. cornell bernard has the latest. >> the seven-year-old was found inside t suspect's car here at the antioch marina last night. police say a possible sexual assault of a child is part of their investigation, and because of that we will no longer report her name or show you he picture. police say 43-year-old david douglas' car was spotted two blocks from the antioch police station friday night. the seven-year-old kidnap victim was found with him alive. >> i'm happy we found it anywhere and the girl was returned safely to her family. >> la shay burks tipped off police after she spotted the suspect's car and started honking her car horn. >> led to ushis little girl, being knowsy. it's okay to be nosey, it paid off last night. >> david dglas of an county was arreed without incident. he has no connectn tohe
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family and is not a registered sex offender. the sear for the girl began at 6:45 after police say douglas followed the family home from wal-mart. at the mother's child was unloading groceries, the suspect preached, grbed the girl at gunpoint, and drove off. an amber alert was activated. the search lasted almost four ho thursday, police belie douglas tried kidnapping another child at the antioch wal-mart. surveillance video helped identify him. >> announced he daughter to come with him. the mother realized he was not from social services d he left. >> very scary. have to be on alert. and things like at happen. >> main neighbors are stunned. they say their neighborhood is quiet and safe. the girl's parents are requesting privacy but say the seven-year-old is happy to be home with her family. the police investigation continues in antioch, abc7 news.
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>> an arrest has been made in connection with the 2010 killing of a german service. devolunteer --evolunteer day lewis was picked up, channeled with killing a sureman. he was caught in the cross fire of two rival gangs. six other suspects have been arrested and charged with murder. >> fairfield police say a person was shot and killed in a residential neighborhood last night on el dorado court. police have not made any arrests. they are talking to neighbors to try to find out more abt the shooting. two people were hurt today when a motorcycle and an elderly person collided in san francisco. happen at 3:15 on the corner of sixth and market streets. police are still trying to figure out what led to the crash. this caps a week of
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pedestrian-vehicleccidents across the bay area, at least five people died and several were injured. >> a 100-year-old munistreet car collided with a semi this afternoon in san francisco. four passengers on the street car suffered minor injuries. the drivers of both vehicles had minor injuries and were hospitalized for further observatn. fire officials say the 18-wheeler turned in front of the street car. police want your help identifying a burglar caught on surveillance cameras at ucsf's mission bay housing complex. police say the man in this photo entered one of the apartments located at nelson lane this morning. he is described as 6'0" black man, between 50 do 60 years old. left the apartment when the tenant confronted him. witnessessaw the same man rattling door handles earlier. tonight, largearts of the condition fry are about to feel some of the coldest temperatures in recent enemy rhythm it's a deep freeze following near
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record levels of snowfall this week, and it's expected to keep coming. another six to eight inches will hit chicago. the cold and snow have led to 1500 cancellations nationwide of flights, including a few dozen at sfo in green bay, wisconsin, the temperature at lambeau field is expecte to drop top 19 below when the niners and packers take the field tomorrow. fans spent today getting ready. >> actually in snow pants and warmer winter jacket, and just bundle up with every layer i have. >> an abc7 news meteorologist league league legas a look how cold it is on the east coast. >> look at my friends going to the game tomorrow, brought a very heavy sleeping bag and is going to stand there with it all zippered up. the best advice that he could give us. live doppler 7hd rig now, not picking up an moisture here across the bay area. but let's take you and show you current reings across the rest
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of the country. five degrees in minneapolis. minus nine in fargo. chicago, 30. check out boston 26 degrees. light sn still falling there. and you couple in the wind, the wind chill factor, boston, 12. seven in green bay right now. minus 24 in fargo. let's talk before the tomorrow, the second blast of the arctic air will move in there tomorrow afternoon gametime, 3:40, three deees, and by 7:00, probably halftime, minus four degrees. they have a wind chill warning in effect there, expecting wind chills to bring that temperature down to minus 25 to minus 45. the biggest concern, of course, frostbite out there. you can get it with temperatures right near freezing. we'll look at our forecast in a little bit. >> thank you, lgh, and mike umann is in green bay and we'll have coverage and he'll
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bring you a playoff edition of rnon's view sunday night. a damaged memorial to a teen is being rebuilt by community members who don't want him forgotten. a wood frame for a foundation to the new memorial was formed this morning. the memorial is on the lot where 13-year-old andy lopez was shot last october by a sheriff's deputy. santa rosas a assembly man says it's a dual purpose. >> coming together is critically important, making sure we have a role. everyone in this community feels like they have a rle and a void in making sure this doesn't occur, that we don't forget what occurred, is really the first step. >> the deputy mistook andy's air rifle for an assault weapon. the fire was accidental. time is running out for the family of a 13-ar-old girl declared brain dead to find hear permanent residence, court ruling officially cleared t way for a the family of jahi
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macmath to move her out of children's hospital oakland. reporter: good evening. i ju spoke with the uncle of jahi mcmath and i have new information. he tells me they are close than ever to securing the relocation of his niece, and jahi's gram tells me her granddaughter is responding to her touch. >> today, new support from bay area motorcycle groups, several riders showed up at children's to sport the family and their efforts to move the brainead 13-year-old. the hospital and the family of jahi mcmath reached an agreemenon friday to let a critical care team transfer jahi to a ventilator provided by the family and transport thor a facility they say is interested in giving her the care she needs. a serior court judge ruled that children's hospital oakland can remove jahi mcmath from a ventilator on tuesday at 5:00 p.m. but her family has not given up. her uncle told me the family is
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closer than ov to getting the necessary pieces in place to move his niece. >> we're moving in the ght direction. we have had small victory after small victory. >> i said hi, and she moved her legs and arms, heart is beating good. she is warm. she looks beautiful. the best glow i have seen her have. >> you think she understands what is happening. >> i know she do. >> a seven and a half hour long settlement conference before a fed magistrateate out the steps necessary to move the 13-year-old. a superior court judge okayed rother rule as long as gentleman high's mother accepts responsibility for what happens during theransfer. jahi had a routine tons electricity me. on december 10th she was placed on a ventilator, and on december 11th declared brain dead. >> the clock is ticking. a federal hearing is set for tuesday at 1:00 p.m., where the family of jahi macmight may ask for an extension to the tempory restraining order if they have not moved the 13-year-old. at children's hospital, nick
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myth, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, how a u.s. crew is lending more than hand to help two sea vessels break free from the frozen waters of h antarctic. beefeso longer our favorite meet. what americans are sinking their teeth into more than ever. >> new laws don't just
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we're learning morabout the vote by one of b.a.r.t.'s labo unions to approve a tentative deal. 73% of the local 1555 members voted in favor of the contract. that's down from the near unanimous 99.5% o voted in favor of the previous version of the contract that included a family leave clause that the transit agency later disputed. a u.s. coast guard cutter has been called to help with a major rescue operation in antarctica. the polar star is making a beilein to one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. it's responding to a call from australian maritime officials to help -- for help when one of their ships and a chinese
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flagship became ice bound, this after t ship rescued doze of passengers off a third ship that was stuck. the polar star is the u.s.0s ronald ice breaker ship. we're in the golden age of poultry. for the first time we're eatingmer chicke than beef for the first anytime 100 years. each of us consumes 60 pounds o poultry a year, and now less than 60 pounds of beef. according to beef magazine -- there is such a thing -- >> that's the same amount of beefe ate in 1809. down from its peak of 80-pounds in the '70s. the price of beef has rizzen and red meat has been linked to higher hart disease, chicken is easier to prepare and produce and its white meat is leaner. >> if -- up next, a look at the grass fix -- -- drastic effect
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of new hunting laws. and leigh glaser will have a look at the forecast. >> the 49ers andackers going tomorrow. how phil dawson will prepare for nditions, and andrew lck's
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a new state law bang the use of dogs in bear hung is showing significant results. last yearunters killed a thousand bears in california. may seem like a lot but it's a 48% droprom 2011. hunters said they didn't go hunting for bear because it's just too hard without using dogs. supporter says the ban ended an unsportsmanlike practice. critics counter that using dogs helps to control the bear population and results in fewer attacks on people. >> a bobcat was spotted in a popular area of coast contra coa county. it's prowling the crystal ranch neighborhood in concord.
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this is a picture of the big cat. they aren' dangerous except to small animals and in rare cases small children. se new laws will protect california's big cats. hunters are banned from trapping the big cats, and similar protections will follow at other national and state parks with bobcat populations. another law limits when game wardens can shoot and kill mounin lions that wander into populated areas. >> in 2013 we see that california made great strides in protecting our environment, and in focusing on protecting some of the most vulnerable species in california, like the bobcats. >> environmentalists say the law changed for bobcats because of a ride in the cost of bobcat pelt from $8,020,800. >> for the latest on our extremely mild weather, let's get to leigh glaser. >> we're looking at live doppler 7hd right now. you get a sense that all is
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clear around the bay area. earlier this morning we did have low clouds and a lot of g, just banking up near the cast. we had quite a bit reported towards the north bay and east bay, and all of that has burned off but you can set a against some will redeveloping through thgolden gate bridge, out towards the delta, by tomorrow morning. it was mild here. check out these record highs. 67 in san rafael. 69, richmond. san francisco, setting a new record. the old record, 62 in 2008. today, 66 degrees. moffet field, 67, and gilroy was the winner at 72 degrees. hard to believe this time of year weave temperatures in the 70s. right now temperatures with clear sky have started to drop off considerably. san francisco, 59. 59 in redwood city. in the north bay, already some numbers in the 40s with
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novato, 48. 54, cob cord. livermore, 54. here's a look at our forecast highlights. clear, cold night tonight. with a little t patchy fog. we do not have a "spare the air" day tomorrow. sunny and mild temperatures tomorrow with highs upper 60s to near 70 degrees. and the cooling trend will take placenext week and see a very slight chance of a few showers. lows tonight, clear sky, light wind, near freezing in the north baas well as the east bay locations. elsewhere -- what happened there? elsewhere -- well, do it agn -- elsewhere look for temperatures in the mid-to-low 40s. here's a look at our pacific satellite. high pressure still dominating the pacific northwest. jet stream well tohe north or us. mild the next few days. i'm going to bring this ahead to about tuesday, and that is when he highs should start to relax a
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little bit, and this will be the day that we could possibly get a little built of shower activity. so here's today and tuesday. the cold front, and it's moving in, moving in, tt's just falls apart. this is 8:00 tuesday night. for a very slight chance of rain across the bay area. we'll see more cloud cooler temperatures than rain, but we have another shot here by wednesday evening. it may hold together to bring just the north bay, north of the golden gate bridge, a drop or two. let's talk about the big game tomorrow. lambeau field, goodness gracious. 3:00, degrees, by 7:00-minus four degrees. bitterly dangerous cold. wind chill warnings in effect there. minus 25 to mis 45 degrees below zero. we'll see how the niners do tomorrow, and hopefully they'll bring a win home. san jose, 66, 65 in antioch, 63,
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san francisco, napa, 6 the sevenday forecast, no freezing cold temperatures for the bay area, but we'll see signsf change, cooler weather and wednesday, chance of shower or two or maybe nothing at all, and temperatures will go near 60 degrees. so cooler. >> shu is fighting the weather, doing his best to get to lambeau field for the game tomorrow. >> there was a great game today. if you're fan of andrew luck from his stanford days. 21 years ago, frank wrht in buffalo, shock warren moon and the earlies. andrewuck and the colts did the same thing to alex smith and the chiefs. kc with all of their weapons in offense. jamal charles suers a concussion, done for the game. alex smith, first possession, first score, 7-0.
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luck and the colts, quick response. ten yds. game tied. smith, not conservative here. airing it out today. 378 yards. 79. donny avery, 17-7 chiefs. the first team since 2004 to score on the first five possessions in a postseason game. after a sum fumble by the colts, alec smith, 24-7. they led by8. then donald brown the fumble, luck picks it up. the score. then luck going deep for hilton. colts take their first lead of the game two minute to go, smith, fourth and 11, hat bowe. one foot down, one is out. luck, three picks but indy with the second largest comeback in nfl history, onl buffalo's come back in 18993 -- 1993 was bigger. >> everybody stepped up.
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every player on the offense had at least three really big plays that turned the game around. >> when you get these opportunities, you don't know when your next one will be. it's -- just trying to make the most of it, and got it do. >> smith was really, reallygood today. nfc wild card game in philadelphia. second quarter. new orleans, the only points in this game, 36-yard field goal. it's 49ers and packers in the send nfc wild card game morrow afternoon. league says, three degrees at kickoff. brutal conditions for everyone at lambeau field sunday, because of the cold many are previous ricking a low-scoring game could be settled by the kickers. phil dow dawson says he looks forward it to. he spent six seasons in cleveland. >> we'll gasoline together and communicate that and that domino
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affects all the other tngs down the road. now the offense knows inside the 35 on a day, evebody has to be on the same page, has to embrace the reality the situation and go out and do the best you can. >> as weentioned, mike shumann in route to green bay right now. he'll have complete playoff coverage from lambeau and bring you a playoff edition of vern knopp's view tomorrow night at 11:00. >> one bowl game tonight. vanderbilt and houston in the compass bowl. tied at 24. the commodores score the final 17, vandy wins. a little jekyll and hyde in the sharks. 19 home games, 40 goals allowed. 42 -- patrick hwa likes nat stat. second period, eric johnson, on net. gets past anti neimi.
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he is done. 14seconds later, welcome to the game,athan mckinnon. sharksome back, three straight goals. couture makes it a one-goal game. joe pavelski, denied. 30 saves. av's win 43- >> men's hoops. usf protectin war memorial against pepperdine. to mark to tolifson. here's pinkens. 19-11. 35 seconds left. theherry pick. cap it off. 76-66. usf now 3-1 to start west coast conference play. >> santa clara hosting ama's loyola lions. 34 for the lions. that jumper would send the game to overtime where the broncos
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start with the 7-0 run. 86-81, santa clara victorious. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. st. mary's in action
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>> join me tonight. we'll look at the settlement an l.a. hospita has to pay for dumping a patient on skid row. then at 11:00 here, the passing of an entertainment powerhouse this producer who went create a movie empire in the bay area. all at 9:00 and 11:00. a new study of online dating shows what men and women are looking for in a potential
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match. british researchers studied the profiles of 81,000 american online daters between 25nd 35. for women, the most popular were 25 years old, catholic, drank three times a week, and eard between 50 and $7000 a year. for men, age didn't tter. money did. the most popular men were christian andarned 75 to $100,000. one commonality everyone likes dogs. thoswith a dog h 5% more messages sent to them than those who didn't. what if you have allergies? that'st for us at 6:00. for leaving league league, colin rush, mike shumann, thank you for joining us.
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